Winery Tours

Wine Tours with Party Rock™ Entertainment are great for any occasion whether it be for a 30th Birthday, Hens Party, or just for the sake of getting together with friends to enjoy a relaxing and refreshing day.

Our Party Buses at Party Rock™ Entertainment can take you out throughout the Margaret River and Ferguson Valley Regions for one of the most remarkable and enjoyabe wine tours throughout Western Australua. Most of Our Party bus Wine tours commence at 10.00am and finish around 5.00 or 6.00 pm usually with a pick up from home or the CBD, but like our other Party Bus tours we are committed to cater a package that suits you including start and finish times and any other options you may wish for us to accommodate for.

Many of the renowned wineries in these regions have great facilities including children’s playgrounds, BBQ, out and indoor entertainment, and vast array of wines and beers to taste and buy. Usually our Wine Tours include visiting 4 different venues in your wine region of choice, but again our party bus packages can be created to suit you.

As part of our care for your group, we take care of all venue bookings, organisation of discounted purchases and free tastings, lunch venue and of course you are welcome to all of the amazing features of our Bunbury Party Bus.